Meet the speaker

Michelle Laverick

Michelle has spent over three decades in the travel industry, spearheading marketing, sales, and commercial teams to craft and execute captivating marketing initiatives aimed at both customers and prospects, with a keen eye on fostering creativity and ensuring a robust return on investment. Throughout her career, she has lent her expertise to various tour operators, including First Choice, Inghams, Explore, Wendy Wu, Collette, and HF Holidays, garnering profound insights into the intricacies of tour operations, customer data management, and the paramount importance of customer retention.

Having been a longstanding client of Marketing Radar for over a decade, Michelle made the leap to join the company's ranks in 2021, humorously referring to it as "stepping over to the dark side." Presently, she lends her talents to empower travel marketing teams in comprehensively understanding their customer demographics through meticulous analysis and segmentation. Furthermore, she provides invaluable assistance in orchestrating seamless customer communication strategies across the entire customer journey, leveraging the wealth of available data.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Michelle's passion for swimming knows no bounds. Whether it's the serene waters of a pool or the expanse of a lake, she finds solace and rejuvenation in the embrace of water. An avid competitor, she revels in the challenges of competitive swimming, particularly favouring the graceful stroke of Butterfly. As temperatures rise, Michelle eagerly embarks on extended lake swims, having conquered the lengths of Lake Coniston, Ullswater, and Windermere in the picturesque Lake District. Even during the cold winter months, her affinity for lake swimming endures, demonstrating her unwavering dedication. Additionally, she finds joy in scaling mountains across the globe and occasionally embarks on epic 100-mile bike rides, further embodying her adventurous spirit.

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