Headline Sponsors

Avanti West Coast & LNER


Avanti West Coast and LNER have been partners of Advantage for a number of years but are really excited about this unique opportunity to collaborate, co-sponsoring the 2022 Advantage conference on behalf of the UK rail industry.


After a challenging 18 months, we’re pleased to be able to return to in-person events and highlight the key benefits of returning to rail for our business and leisure audience. Our national message ‘Let’s get back on track’ was brought to life to remind us all how rail continues to connect us all with the people, places and things we love.


As the country emerges from the pandemic, we have a prospect to push further than we’ve ever gone and continue to pursue a cleaner, greener recovery. The rail industry is committed to reducing carbon emissions and has set out key goals in ensure sustainability remains at the core of our future longevity.


Avanti West Coast and LNER are delighted to have the opportunity to meet face to face once again, working together on the wider recovery and share with you all the updates and exciting plans for the future of UK rail.