Keynote Speaker

Meet Your Keynote Speaker: Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the Scotland Editor of the BBC, covering Scottish news, politics and current events for BBC TV news and radio.

In November 2015, Sarah was appointed BBC Scotland Editor - a new position held for the first time.

Prior to working for the BBC, Sarah worked for Channel 4 News from 1998 until 2014, where she covered a range of international stories including US presidential elections, the Haiti earthquake, Madrid bombings and Fukushima disaster.

In September 2014, Sarah was particularly involved in reporting on the Scottish independence referendum as well as interviews and news following the result.

At home, she has spent many years covering UK politics and spent three years as the business correspondent for Channel 4 News where she became accomplished at demanding answers from our political and business leaders and holding decision makers to account by asking the awkward questions.

Sarah is the eldest daughter of late Labour leader John Smith.