Meet The Speaker: Jason Bevan

Jason has worked with Warner Bros around the world to produce some of the most innovative publicity campaigns in 21st century cinema.

From globally renowned franchises such as Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts to DC’s Joker, The Dark Knight, Aquaman and Superman, Jason’s drive to think and act big shows what 'outside of the box' really means in a world saturated with content.

Jason has worked for Disney in London and Paris, where he designed and engineered several large-scale creative events. As Co-founder of Content Creator Studios, Jason and his team run live productions of some of the world’s best-known film premieres, as well as cast and fan events. The firm also specialises in publicity stunts that harness content for a variety of brands wishing to draw a wider audience.

As well as delivering keynote speeches, masterclasses and consulting services to help organisations inspire creativity, Jason helps individuals find their inner creative. Through his masterclasses, Jason demonstrates that even the least creative-seeming job contains all the necessary elements to make something great. He sees creativity not as a nice-to-have, nor as a privilege only a few get to exercise, but as a necessity that calls to us all more than ever.