Conference Programme

Empowering Independence... Now is our time

Conference Sessions

The Advantage Conference 2020 content is split into four distinct sections, with each section containing three components:

  • A TedX style external presenter
  • Industry keynote(s)
  • A panel session with member engagement

This format allows delegates the time to get a deeper insight into the subjects affecting them most, but with shorter, sharper sessions. The sessions are as follows:

The Modern Art of Politics

We will hear from a leading political commentator, unpicking some of what has happened politically and helping you to make sense of what the future geopolitical landscape might hold. We will have a discussion between our political commentator and a leading industry figure who will seek to provide some clarity on how you can ready your businesses in this fluid political landscape.

To The Consumer Born

New for 2020 we will run two streams of content concurrently on the main stage. During this second section of the conference content, we will focus on B2C. The topic will be how we can best engage with our customers, with comment from leading consumer experts.

Sustaining Our Industry

The science tells us that there is no denying we are amid a climate crisis. Travel often fares badly in the climate conversation. Within this section we will hear from an environmentalist as well as sustainability champions from within leading travel brands.

The Professionals

Opening with a highly successful entrepreneur who talks frankly and openly about their mistakes and how they learned from them to build the success they have now become. We will also take the opportunity to hear stories from members about how they have utilised personal development to grow and build better businesses.

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