Meet The Speaker: Dave Fishwick

Dave Fishwick left school without qualifications and built six separate multi-million pound businesses in the UK and America. He became the largest supplier of minibuses in the UK and made government and policymakers, industry regulators and multinational banks sit up and take notice. The star of many TV shows, including Channel 4's ‘The Bank of Dave’, has torn up the rule book and generated massive media and widespread interest worldwide.

The founder of Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd, The Bank of Dave, he is a charismatic businessman, investor, author and philanthropist, and now a movie star who has championed UK banking reform through a series of television documentaries and his Sunday Times Bestselling books, ‘Bank of Dave: How I Took On the Banks’. His firm belief that ordinary working people should have access to specific financial products and services has given him the reputation of a people’s champion, taking on the banks in a ‘Dave and Goliath’ style struggle, winning him recognition from politicians and worldwide media.

Dave is a very experienced pilot of helicopters and planes and has the fastest-growing aviation channel in the world on TikTok; Dave’s videos have gained over 50 million combined views in just 12 months.

Dave filmed many series with channel 4, including an exciting seven-part tv series, ‘How To Get Rich’. He is also a is a 2-time BAFTA winner, has a regular live slot with GMB and This Morning and is the Business Doctor in the Mail Online, where he has a column offering advice to help businesses grow and succeed.

He is currently involved in the most exciting media project of his career. Hollywood stars arrived in Burnley to make a film about his life for Netflix, to be shown globally worldwide. ‘The Bank of Dave’ film was released in the UK on Netflix in January 2023, and hit number one in the Netflix top ten films charts.

An expert on entrepreneurship, business and finance, Dave will share his story with Advantage Conference delegates of taking on seemingly impossible challenges, offering valuable lessons for businesses both big and small.

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