Meet The Speaker: Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis is Founder & CEO of Business Travel data specialists, Travelogix. Before launching Travelogix in 2011, Chris amassed 12 years of experience in business travel and travel technology management for various multinationals including Navigant, American Express and Micros Fidelio.

Alongside Travelogix CTO, Gary Jones, the vision was to build a system to automate the collection of data from the array of platforms used by a TMC and provide a real time reporting platform to TMCs and their clients. The vision was realised in 2013 when Travelogix launched their maiden Analytix platform with long-standing Advantage Partner Meon Valley Travel Group and they haven’t looked back since.

Travelogix now provides a variety of data solutions including Analytix, Farecast and their latest duty of care platform, Geo, to over 100 TMCs and 2,000 corporations in UK, Ireland, Australia, Southeast Asia and USA.