Breakout Sessions

Sunday 19 May: 09.00 - 13.00

2019 will see a new programme format offering cross-sector content, which any delegate can attend regardless of their own business focus. These engaging breakout sessions have been designed to address some of the key topics, challenges and opportunities currently affecting our industry, providing delegates with practical insights and actionable takeaways.

Session content is designed to apply to either one or more travel sectors - leisure travel, corporate travel, and Meetings & Events, giving delegates an opportunity to brush up on knowledge specific to their current business model or learn something new.

The sessions streams take influence from the last four decades giving a little nod to this being Advantage’s 40th anniversary year.

  • 80s room: The Trading Floor, capturing the spirit of the 80s global business boom.

    Sessions within this stream will focus on some of the fundamentals required to run a successful business, exploring external influencing factors, latest trends and new opportunities that will maximise margins.

  • 90s room: Industrialised Technology, representing the spirit of the 90’s technological advancements. 
    Sessions here we will look at some of the key current and immerging trends being driven by technology and their influence on our industry.

  • 00s room: Human Talenta period where the focus on people development and our sense of personal enlightenment entered a new Millenia.

    This stream will focus on the importance of our people with a series of sessions focusing on customer engagement and people management.

  • 20-10s room: Co-creation, representing the open technological and business architecture which embodies the world we live in today.

    In these sessions, we look at how you can keep ahead in the hectic business environment of today and maintain a competitive edge, through strategic planning and collaboration to produce valued outcomes.


To find out more about the breakout session content and start planning your time click on the time slots below.

We've used the following labels below to identify who the sessions are most suitable for, however, you are free to join any of the sessions, and there is no need to pre-register for a session. Some of the sessions are relevant for both leisure and business travel delegates, which have been highlighted accordingly:

Leisure Travel

Sessions that are suitable for delegates that focus on the leisure side of travel.

Business Travel

Sessions that are focused on corporate travel, best suited for TMCs.

Meetings & Events

Sessions that are for anyone focused on the lucrative meetings and events market.

Leading The Bottom Line

Room: 80's

This session will look at how you can lead your team to drive higher margins, giving practical tips and advice on maximising earnings from sales.

From The Outside Looking In

Room: 90's

We hear a lot about AI in travel but tangible examples are few and far between. We talk to experts in the professions outside of travel to hear how AI is transforming their industry. Will AI eliminate jobs or free humans up to take on other tasks?

Brand New Thinking!

Room: 00's

Presenting and living your brand is critical in helping your business stand out from the crowd.

During this interactive session, members will hear from other businesses how they have developed their brand and will be provided with practical tips on how to develop their own brand.

The TMC Identity Crisis – A Strategy Game Part 1

Room: 20-10's

We are going through another period of significant change and there are so many strategic decisions to be made, which path does the TMC follow, to remain relevant and thrive? During this 'mega-session' buyers, TMCs, buyers and suppliers will come together as we lead you through a strategy game to help identify your future pathway.

Risky Business  

Room: 80's

Fraud, scams, cyber-crime. All too familiar phrases in the modern business world. SME’s are not immune to the bad guys wanting to do bad things to our businesses.

This session will look at how businesses can identify vulnerabilities and the practical steps which can be taken to protect your business.

The Future is Now

Room: 00's

As customers become more demanding in our 24/7 world, how can we prepare our businesses to cope with future customer demands?

What will customers want from us in the future and how will our businesses remain relevant in a digital age.

The TMC Identity Crisis Part 2

Room: 20-10's

We are going through another period of significant change and there are so many strategic decisions to be made, which path does the TMC follow, to remain relevant and thrive? During this 'mega-session' buyers, TMCs, buyers and suppliers will come together as we lead you through a strategy game to help identify your future pathway.

Nothing to see here... just a pup enjoying a cup. 

Enjoy your coffee break!


RFP Tennis

Room: 80's

For years, we have all dutifully followed the well-trodden path of the RFP. Be it hotels, air or TMC sourcing, one size fits all just doesn't seem to be the answer. We pitch the suppliers vs. the buyers in this innovative session during which you can decide for yourself who is holding back progress!

Defining Luxury

Room: 00's

Challenging perceptions of luxury travel and understanding the opportunities of the sector.

Meetings Masterclass - Creating a Memorable Event Experience

Room: 00's

We consider a Corporation’s expectations when working with partner agencies in helping them to deliver a best in class delegate experience aligned to their business objectives.

Taking Responsibility with CSR

Room: 20-10's

How is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) relevant to an independent travel agent and how can you embed a CSR policy in your business?


Making Both Ends “Meet”

Room: 80's

As the 21st-century travel agent and travel management company have evolved into centres of excellence for travel solutions, many clients are now looking to their agent to provide meetings solutions. This session will support smaller & midsize travel agents/TMCs who wish to compete in this lucrative space.

The Power of Personalisation

Room: 90's

Personalisation is, apparently, the holy grail of creating customer loyalty. How are suppliers approaching this and do buyers want suppliers to target their travellers directly? Is there a difference between personalised deals for a corporation vs. individual traveller?

Inspirational Leadership

Room: 00's

Your people are your business and leadership plays a key role in the direction your business takes.

During this mega-session, we will learn how the jobs market is evolving and the demands of employees are changing.

The importance of working on your business and not just working in your business, as well as providing some great tips on inspiring your teams to reach peak performance.

Moving From Tactical Doer To Strategic Thinker

Room: 20-10's

It’s a challenge everyone faces at some point in their career. How do you move from being the "doer" to the strategic leader? This session will give top tips on how to manage yourself through the change but also help to shift others' perception of yourself.