Alistair Pritchard announced as third keynote speaker

Alistair J Pritchard Deloitte

A World of Change and its Impact on Travel

Deloitte, the leading business advisory Firm to address 2017 Advantage Conference

Whilst the main focus of the 2017 Advantage conference will be on the influence that technology is having in shaping our lives, it is important to take into consideration the impact that key social and economic changes will have on our businesses in the future too.

To help conference delegates fully understand what these key influencers will be and how their impact is likely to play out over a period of time, we are delighted to have Alistair Pritchard, Lead Partner for Travel at Deloitte address our conference on the morning of Sunday 14th May.

In a presentation tailored to the independent travel sector of the industry, Alistair will consider a number of external influences on the sector including the cyber threat, the balancing of risk and security in both leisure and business travel sectors and the impact of Brexit, the start of which is likely to have been triggered by the time of the conference.

Alistair will also explore the importance of having the right culture in your organisation and having the right staff to properly manage the ways in which consumer behaviour is changing. He will also share his perspectives on how technology will change the way we work and how we interact with our customers.

The presentation will provide delegates with a comprehensive view of the challenges facing the travel sector at the moment – as well as where to look for opportunities.